April 10, 2014

Tower of London & Greenwich

Tower of London day. Tourists all over.. also lots of French school children oddly enough.

Figured while I was here I’d be the good tourist and see the crown jewels etc.. Actually the massive worked gold plates where more interesting. A lot of the jewelled swords and that looked real tacky. No photos of these under pain of execution (possibly) They also had a cool little animation of a procession and coronation ceremony.

Got to get up close to a couple of Ravens too (Yay birds!) Legend has it that if the Ravens leave the Tower of London then London falls… so they clip their wings, haha take that prophecy!

I also meant to check out the Zoological museum but ended up catching the DLR line through the business district, then walking through a tunnel under the Thames to Greenwich and marvelling at the Painted hall in the old Royal navy collage, where (and my mind boggles at this) you can take as many photos as you like but cannot use a tripod! Good thing I’m shooting on a 5D3 and not some shitty point’n’click (to be honest I used my tripod too, then played the dumb tourist when told off haha).