April 9, 2014

The Thames

Monday I decided was a good day to explore along the Thames, See the sights and get my tourist buz buzzing. Tower of London which I kept confusing with London Tower bridge.. both cool from the outsideā€¦ before walking down river to St Pauls Cathedral then over the Millennium bridge to the Tate.

Modern art museums I always find a pretty mixed bag a. Best exhibitions I saw there were 3 walls full of Russian WWII propaganda posters, a Salvador Dali, and a Monet. Most inspiring thing was a video archive that had a bunch of artists talking about their art / process. there where two old photographers that where shooting back in the 60s – 70s when (unlike the modern photography exhibitions in the Tate) Photographers could actually take really engaging photos on the fly, in the dark, and in focus.

So feeling inspired I decided to go shoot some Londoners (you know what I mean) before meeting up at The Kings Arms for a pint or 3!