September 28, 2017

The Mechanic of Hallsborough


What a story! So I’d bought this Toyota Echo in Halifax a few days ago, discovering just before a 460km drive to New Brunswick that the bonnet release cable appeared to have snapped! I decided to throw the dice and drive anyway without checking fluids.. resolving to find a mechanic at my next port of call to see what could be done. Enter Bernard Schneider, an 80+ retiree and the only man in the town of Hallsborough! Not one to sit around while there’s a problem to be solved we both dived in to assess the problem. A good hour later I was about to completely remove the front bumper when a comment from a visiting local saved the day. Earlier on we had discovered a miscellaneous piece of rope which appeared to leed in the general direction of the bonnet lock but after a few tugs we pretty much discounted it as weird but unrelated.

“maybe you’re pulling it the wrong way” remarked a woman who’d come by to say hello….. … .

Such a simple suggestion … giving the rope a pull out rather than down and POP! Bonnet opens!! Basically the man I’d bought the car from had jerry rigged this little device and neglected to tell me (he’d popped the bonnet while I was inspecting the car) :|

And I was almost out of oil!