August 5, 2014

Leaving Thailand… or so I thought


I posted about this one on G+ and Facebook.. I had booked a flight back to Bangkok from Koh Samui – 1 1/2 hour ferry trip away on the next island. The trouble started my final night when I got food poisoning from my Panang curry, so instead of a restful sleep I got none on top of all the other unpleasantness that goes with. Then had to shakily make my way to the ferry at 5:00!

After finally arriving at the Samui airport (1hr taxi from the pier) I was informed that I actually had to get a connecting ferry to the mainland then hope a bus to another airport! Thankfully I had time up my sleeve..

Great finally, finally make the flight. All set to go meet my cousin in Vietnam and rest from this day of days.. Noooo engine failure forces the plane to land in Phuket! (aptly named if you miss pronounce) anyway, the airline put me up in a hotel and got me a new flight the next day,. which also included a 6 hour lay over in Bangkok airport!

Trains… I like trains!