May 27, 2017

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong! I made it.. A day late but I actually made it! (turns out I was booked to fly out on 26 May not 27 like I had set in mind.. discovered that about 1 hour before ‘check-in’. Momentary panic and a frantic call to my travel agent {Huge shout out to Poto from Gizzy’s Flight Centre} I was on the flight I’d thought I was on and all was well).

The next misconception I had was that Hong Kong was a super clean city like Singapore (no idea why) so when I turned up to ChungKing Mansions (some of the cheapest accom in HK after the walled city was demolished apparently) to find a dirty, dodgy high rise I was somewhat weary to say the least :D

But this is Hong Kong and I was amongst it! Also found me a great indian curry one night (ground floor was predominantly indian and turkish food vendors).