May 29, 2017

HK Alley ways


The inbetween spaces in Asia have for some reason always fascinated me. Soo full of texture, transitions from darkness to light and usually a person or 2 sifting about.

So one of the challenges of living in ChungKing Mansions was the elevators. The place is about 40 stories tall and has 8 elevators sectioned off to cater quarters, 2 elevators per quarter interestingly enough segregated into odd and even floors.. due to sheer volume of traffic its fucking impossible to catch an elevator down from the 4th floor as it’s always full (especially when you have all your bags n shit).

Being the patient saint that I am … waited 3 times before going for the stairs, 4 stories is no problem until you emerge in the Alley behind the building … fuck me talk about texture! the air was thick with it! photo 2 & 3 are of this alley, the guy in red waiting ominously for me at the end did indeed offer to sell drugs and I was happy to get back into the light :D

The others are from various wanderings …