April 3, 2014

Dubai Day 2 & 3


Day 2

Condenses down to a bad decision, a LOT of walking – you need a metro card to do anything here, I found out the hard way trying to catch a bus home with cash of all things.., sunburned head, blistered feet, and unexpectedly finding the tallest building in the world!

Day 3

Best Day for sure. Having learnt from my bungled past I hopped the Metro straight off. Destination Spice Souk! Which – unlike my souk experience from day 1 – is total tourist trap, on both sides of the canal! Many great photo ops though. Experience goes like this…

  • Hook: “Hello sir, take photo?” (shit thats me)
  • Line: “yes yes now one more in my shop come, come”  (suspicion aroused but I’m too polite to run)
  • Sinker: “you like? Yes pure Kashmir silk, top quality, I do special deal for you”! (haha sure buddy – haggled him down from 1700 Dhira to 300 Dhira and still think I got fleeced).

After this I got pretty good at the gauntlet run, even being taken up to a guys office / warehouse (which i was pretty suss about but I have never felt threatened or intimidated here so what the hey I want some counterfeit sunglasses) though he didn’t have polarising lens so i left again… without buying anything!

Another highlight of today was splashing out for a canal cruz. Photos speak better here I reckon.

Mean boarding gate is open and I am off to London!