March 25, 2016

Bali bird park


Being the enthusiastic bird lover that I am, I just had to visit the Bali bird park. The park was a good 40ish minute scoot from home in Ubud. Loading up my route and trying to commit major intersections to memory I raced off. Scooting around Bali is by far the best way to see to the place! Once in the flow of traffic it’s actually no problem, no need to worry about road rules and right of way, just look out for the scooter next to you (who can sometimes piled high with a whole family worried about the crazy tourist next to them).

Zipping down a road I got chatting to a local guy who was interested in all the photo gear I had hanging off me and where I was going, then proceed to escort me the rest of the way before bidding me a good day.

Anyway birds! Zealandia has ruined bird parks for me lol. Although there were plenty of birds walking about thanks to two walk through aviaries, there were many more hidden away behind cages… sigh. Awesome place though, I will have to visit Papua New Guinea at some point in my life! Pretty sure I saw a one footed Pukeko in there too!

My favourite … well one of, was the Bali starling.. He’s the white bird with the blue around the eye. About the size of a Blackbird and best seen in this hero shot here.

They also had a great bird show with flights of Macaw, swooping Eagles, and the worlds smallest falcon.

I got to meet the worlds smallest Macaw too, who flew up and perched on my arm! So cute!