August 3, 2014

AOW Diver


So while on Koh Tao I decided to get my diving certificate. The Open Water certificate is 4 days and takes you through the basics. After completing that I decided I might as well go for the Advanced Open Water certificate while I was here.

2 days later and I am now certified to dive to 30 metres which is most recreational dive sites around the world!

For the Deep dive and Wreck dive I managed to find a last minute underwater camera hire (leaving my 5D3 as collateral). Sadly even though I asked if it shot RAW and was told “yes yes it does all of that” it didn’t (was just an old point’n’shot lumix) but hey better than nothing, which was the alternative!

As I was still training I didn’t have a free hand to photograph at will but here are a few of the better shots.