May 1, 2014

Aix en Provonce


A day trip to Aix en Provonce, we chose May 1 because there was a big art market on that day. 1 May in France is labour day and when we jumped off the train – expecting a bustling little town we discovered that most people had gone else where, the village was eerily empty of people.. most shops where closed though we did find a nice little market in the centre. Lunch time came and I had a craving for baguette en fromage! Alas all the shops that were not closed already, closed! An annoying French habit.. I did manage to finally find an expensive boulangerie so my hunger was eventually sated.

The art show, when we found it was full of what looked like modern art and cost 10e to get in so we decided to train back to Marseille and go to the beach.